Paws and a Pamper: Dog-friendly stays at Seaham Hall

Paws and a Pamper: Dog-friendly stays at Seaham Hall

Seaham Hall, County Durham’s  prestigious five-star coastal hotel, warmly welcomes dog owners seeking an unforgettable experience for themselves and their furry companions. As recent statistics reveal, 34% of households now proudly home a pet dog and an impressive 50% of owners are making plans to travel with their beloved companions. The team behind Seaham Hall therefore understand the importance of providing exceptional pet-friendly accommodation to suit this rising demand, and therefore have a range of allocated dog-friendly suites on site for visitors to enjoy. In addition, recent surveys have also shown that 85% of travellers express a preference for staycations where they can bring their pets along, highlighting the significance of creating memorable experiences closer to home.  

This summer, Seaham Hall are inviting guests (and their canine companions) to indulge in the serenity of County Durham's coastline, exploring picturesque coastal paths, sprawling beaches, and endless countryside vistas. Seaham Hall has carefully appointed a selection of its 21 rooms and suites to accommodate well-mannered four-legged friends. Each room exudes a luxurious yet welcoming ambiance, offering a haven for relaxation alongside a range of facilities carefully curated to ensure a seamless and comfortable stay for both guests and their dogs.

With more than 42% of travellers with pets expressing a desire for destinations offering ample hiking opportunities, and an impressive 15% emphasising the importance of dog-friendliness on beach vacations, those seeking to get into the great outdoors with their dogs will find Seaham Hall to be the perfect destination.

Just a stone's throw from the front door lies the nearby Seaham Beach. The stretching sand provides ample space for dogs to frolic in the water and for owners to enjoy leisurely strolls. As guests pamper their beloved pets, they are also invited to indulge themselves at the award-winning Serenity Spa. Whilst dogs enjoy quality time with other beloved family members or friends, guests can unwind in the spa's state-of-the-art facilities, including an outdoor hydropool, swimming pool, sauna, and steam room. Guests can choose from a selection of sumptuous spa treatments and therapies featuring renowned brands such as Temple Spa and ishga, before leaving feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a truly serene retreat.

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