Tottenham Hotspur Unveils 'Tottenham Hotspaw': A New Initiative for Dog-Loving Fans and Their Pets

Tottenham Hotspur Unveils 'Tottenham Hotspaw': A New Initiative for Dog-Loving Fans and Their Pets

Inspired by the deep love for dogs shared by the club's staff, fans, and players across both the men's and women's teams, Tottenham Hotspur has introduced a new initiative that welcomes supporters to join the 'One Hotspaw Moments' scheme. This unique programme offers a series of special experiences for fans and their furry friends.

As part of this initiative, fans and their dogs can engage in fundraising activities and events that support All Dogs Matter, a charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming unwanted and abandoned dogs in and around London.

Throughout the upcoming season, dog-owning fans can nominate their pets to be featured in the matchday programme, with the added thrill of seeing their favourite photos displayed on the stadium's big screens before games.

The Tottenham Hotspaw Supporters’ Club has now become part of a global network of nearly 540 Spurs fan groups, covering over 100 territories.

The inaugural members include lifelong fan Leah Kreitzman and her four-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Apollo. Leah, alongside Tottenham Hotspur’s executive director, Donna-Maria Cullen, will co-chair the new supporters’ club.

Leah expressed her enthusiasm: “For many of us, there are no stronger bonds than the ones we have with our dogs and our football club – now we can bring these two things together with Tottenham Hotspaw.

“We adopted our dog when his previous family could no longer care for him, so I am delighted the club is supporting the life-saving work of All Dogs Matter.

“Whether you’ve got a greyhound as fast as Micky or a mastiff who can move like Madders, I can’t wait to see them in the programmes and on the big screens this season.”

Donna-Maria Cullen added: “We’ve seen so many photos and videos over the years showing how much beloved dogs mean to our fans and players alike – it is clear there is a desire for supporters to immerse their pets into their love of a football team, and the Tottenham Hotspaw Supporters’ Club provides a mechanism for this.

“We have always been a club that cares – for people via the incredible work of our foundation, for the planet in being consistently recognised as the Premier League’s greenest club, and now for animals through our support of All Dogs Matter.

“This is yet another first for Tottenham Hotspur and we are extremely proud to launch a supporters’ club for dog-loving fans.”

Ira Moss, general manager and founder of All Dogs Matter, shared her excitement: “We are thrilled to be involved in this wonderful membership scheme that will help build awareness of our work and the huge number of dogs being abandoned or surrendered and ending up in our rescue centre for rehoming.

“Tottenham Hotspaw is a fantastic way for football fans to show they care and help us raise vital funds to continue our work, and as a London-based charity we are so thankful to have the support of this legendary club to help us find rescue dogs the forever homes they deserve.”

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