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Bugalugs Antiseptic Ear Drops: 200ml

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Introducing Bugalugs Antiseptic Ear Drops: Advanced Solution for Your Pet's Ear Health

Bugalugs Antiseptic Ear Drops offer clinically proven relief for your pet's ear health. Utilising hypochlorous acid, nature's disinfectant, these drops combat infections and provide soothing relief for itchy ears, wax build-up, head shaking, discomfort, and ear odor.

Advanced Solution: Our formula harnesses the power of hypochlorous acid to kill all types of harmful pathogens and 99.99% of germs, ensuring your pet's ears stay clean and healthy.

Clinically Proven Itchy Ear Relief: Vet-approved and clinically proven, our 100% natural and skin-safe ear cleaner is gentle yet effective. It's hypoallergenic, non-stinging, and free from alcohol and fragrance, making it safe for both your pet and the environment.

Nature's Disinfectant: pH balanced and anti-fungal, anti-viral, antiseptic, and antibacterial, our ear drops provide comprehensive relief for a range of ear issues, including infections, odors, wounds, irritations, and post-surgery care.

Multi-Purpose Use: Designed for ear health, our drops can also be used for itchy skin relief and as a general ear cleaner. It's perfect for removing debris, dirt, and pollutants, leaving your pet's ears clean and comfortable.

Complementary Products: Use Bugalugs Antiseptic Ear Drops alongside our range of pet health products, including tear stain remover, nose balm, antiseptic spray, eye wash, ear wipes, shampoo for itchy skin, and more.

Product Description:

Bugalugs Antiseptic Ear Drops are your pet's essential first aid for ear health. Our clinically proven formula utilises hypochlorous acid, nature's disinfectant, to combat infections and provide soothing relief. Flush out debris, remove wax and dirt, and reduce ear odor in one simple step. Our pH balanced, hypoallergenic formula contains no alcohol, preservatives, or fragrance, ensuring gentle yet effective care for your pet's ears.

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-fungal
  • Disinfects
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Hypoallergenic Formula

Experience the power of Bugalugs Antiseptic Ear Drops and ensure your pet's ears stay clean, healthy, and comfortable. Order now and provide your pet with the relief they deserve.