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Donut Calming Dog Bed

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Introducing the Silentnight Calming Doughnut Dog Bed: an oasis of tranquility for your beloved furry friend.

Give your dog the ultimate in relaxation with the Silentnight Calming Doughnut DogBed, crafted with the same technology as our human products! Designed in a soothing doughnut shape, this bed taps into your pet's natural nesting instinct, providing a calming environment to alleviate anxiety and stress.Ideal for comforting your dog during alone time, this bed offers unmatched comfort for a peaceful rest. The luxurious plush fabric cover invites your dog to snuggle up for a tranquil snooze.

Here's why it's the perfect choice for your furry friends:

Calming Design: The donut shape of our dog bed creates a calming environment, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety for your dog, cat, puppy, or kitten.

Premium Materials: Crafted with the same quality materials used in our best human beds and pillows, this bed ensures your pet receives the highest level of comfort. The super-soft plush fabric and non-slip base offer ultimate coziness and stability.

Two Size Options: Available in either S/M (70cm) or M/L (85cm), our dog bed accommodates pets of all sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for your small, medium, or large furry friend.

Machine Washable: Our easy-care dog bed is fully machine washable, making cleaning a breeze and allowing you to keep your pet's bed fresh and hygienic.

Responsive Fibres: Filled with responsive fibres, our dog bed provides optimal support for your pet, ensuring they enjoy a comfortable snooze every time.

Give your dog the gift of serenity with the Silentnight Calming Doughnut DogBed—an oasis of calm they'll adore!