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Pack of 540 Biodegradable Large Dog Waste Bag Refills, Environmentally Friendly and Durable

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Introducing SA Products' Environmentally Friendly Large Dog Poo Bag Refills - Pack of 540

Say goodbye to dog waste cleanup hassles with SA Products' Environmentally Friendly Large Dog Poo Bag Refills. This pack of 540 compostable bags provides a convenient and eco-conscious solution for dog owners, ensuring cleanliness and environmental responsibility with every use.

Here is why its a must for all dog owners:

Compostable Design: Crafted from eco-friendly materials, these dog poo bags are compostable, minimising environmental impact.

Large Size: Measuring 13.5" x 9" each, these bags offer ample space for easy cleanup without the risk of soiling your hands.

Thick and Durable: Designed to be thick and durable, these bags prevent unpleasant odours from escaping and ensure reliable containment of dog waste.

Adjustable Bag Holder: Included in the pack is an adjustable dog poop bag holder for convenient portability during walks or adventures with your dogs.

Convenient Packaging: Each box contains 27 rolls, with 20 bags in each roll, providing a total of 540 bags to keep you stocked up for multiple outings.

Versatile Use: Suitable for use with both dogs and cats, these bags are perfect for everyday dog waste cleanup.

Experience the convenience and eco-consciousness of SA Products' Environmentally Friendly Large Dog Poo Bag Refills. Keep your surroundings clean while contributing to a greener planet with every use.