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Professional Dog Clipper Set: Complete with 4 Steel Comb Guides and 10 Blades for Precision Grooming

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Introducing our Professional Dog Clipper Set – the ultimate grooming solution for your canine companion.

Our Professional Dog Clipper Set is meticulously crafted to offer precision grooming for your pet, complete with 4 steel comb guides and 10 blades. This comprehensive kit ensures engaging and entertaining playtime, stimulating mental agility and providing both physical and mental stimulation for your furry friend.

Here's why they're the perfect choice for you and your dog:

Optimised for Dog: This grooming set has been meticulously designed by professional dog groomers to offer the optimum selection of A5 blades and comb guides tailored specifically for Dogs. Achieve your desired look effortlessly using the popular Masterclip Pedigree Pro dog clipper.

2-Speed Motor: Our powerful A5 dog clipper features a two-speed DC motor. The low-speed setting is ideal for sensitive areas such as the face and paws, while the higher speed setting is suitable for all-over body clipping.

Sharp and Durable A5 Blade: The set includes a top-quality premium toughened steel 10 blade and four metal comb guides, offering four different cutting lengths ranging from 3mm to 13mm. Please note that the colour of the comb guides may vary.

Low Noise Design: With low vibrations and a quiet motor, our clipper ensures a stress-free grooming experience for your Dog. With a sound rating of less than 60dB, your pet can remain calm and comfortable throughout the grooming session.

What's In The Box: The Masterclip dog clipper set comes in a smart and sturdy carry case, containing the clipper, premium toughened steel 10 blade, a 4-pack of Dog-specific comb guides, detachable power cable, sample size bottle of oil, cleaning brush, user instructions, and a warranty card.

Upgrade your grooming routine with our Dog Professional Grooming Set and give your Dog the care and attention they deserve, right in the comfort of your own home.