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Yorgewd 10-Pack Adjustable Puppy ID Collars with Secure Push Lock Design for Easy Litter Identification

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Introducing the Yorgewd 10-Pack Adjustable Puppy ID Collars: Effortless Identification for Your Litter!

Say goodbye to confusion and hassle when it comes to identifying your precious puppies with our Yorgewd 10-Pack Adjustable Puppy ID Collars. 

Here's why they're the perfect solution for you:

Secure Push Lock Design: Our collars feature a secure push lock mechanism, ensuring easy and reliable identification of your puppies. With a simple push, you can adjust the collar to the perfect size for your furry friends.

Soft Nylon Material: Crafted from soft nylon material, these collars are gentle and comfortable for your puppies to wear. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort – our collars prioritise your puppies' comfort.

Adjustable Design: Our collars come in two size options – Small (17.5-26CM) and Medium (21.5-33CM) – allowing for a customisable fit. You can adjust the collar to fit snugly around your puppies' necks without being too tight.

Assorted Colours: Add a touch of vibrancy to your puppies' appearance with our assortment of colours. Each pack includes a variety of colours, making it easy to distinguish each puppy in your litter.

Pack of 10: With 10 collars in each pack, you'll have plenty of options for identifying your puppies. Whether you're a breeder or a pet owner, our collars are a convenient and practical solution.

Don't let identification in a litter be a challenge any longer. Order the Yorgewd 10-Pack Adjustable Puppy ID Collars today and make the process a breeze!